Sunday, June 7, 2009

--== $100,000 DOLLARS ==--

By JUNE 29, 2009




  1. I posted a little blog about this on C4L to spread the word

  2. Here's my strategy to fund liberty politics in the early days of the engineered economic collapse. I'm going to eBay a lot of stuff I have cluttering up my life. De-stash and re-cash! I don't want the hassles of some of these possessions anymore and they're just taking up space and cluttering my life. I'm going to invest the time to put them on eBay and donate the procedes to elect good candidates who represent the people and uphold our Constitution. How about you? Together, we probably have several millions of dollars worth of stuff we could auction for liberty. That SCUBA equipment in your closet isn't going to do you any good when you're sitting in your cell at the FEMA Camp.


  3. I recently heard Rand Paul speak at a rally, and he is truly a rare breed of politician. In fact, he really is not a politician at all - he is a true Statesman! Dr. Rand Paul is the cure for our state and our nation. He will not be bought by lobbyists and special interests. His only two special interests are "We the People" and our Constitution. Rand will not only read every bill before he votes on it; he will also determine whether or not it is Constitutional. We as Kentuckians have an opportunity in 2010 to elect a true Statesman who will represent US for a change! Join me in supporting 9/12 Candidate Rand Paul for the U.S. Senate and together we can take our Country back from the reigns of socialism for ourselves and our posterity!

  4. I put a litte post on the Daily Paul in a forum, I don't know if that is the same as blgging it but hopefully it will help.